We, as members of team LuvHugz, believe in the benefits of a hug! A hug is, in most cases, a daily human experience and yet these truly uplifting and comforting embraces are often taken for granted. Scientific research has proven that there are more than just emotional benefits to giving or receiving a hug, there are also positive effects towards our physiological well being.


The founder of LuvHugz, Tanji Dark is a natural creative who believes in the power of love, and in particular the power of a warm hug. She speaks of her four year-long project as a vision to spread love and is a real-life example of how love and hugs can strengthen bonds and provide comfort during difficult times.


Having always believed in the power of hugs, Tanji launched The LuvHugz company as a means to provide hugging pillows to sick children and children of military parents away serving the country. Because they often spend time away from their parents, the pillows were designed to provide the loving arms that a hug gives. The pillows have inspiring messages and cute designs to help lift the spirits of little ones who may have difficulty expressing their need for a hug. And, when given by parents, they are a reminder that they are never alone and always in their parents thoughts.


Growing up with her grandmother and taking on the responsibility for raising her brothers after her grandmother's passing, Tanji has felt the positive impact that a loving hug brings in a difficult situation. Her journey to creating LuvHugz was inspired by a desire to spread love in a way that is very familiar to her - with hugs!


Team LuvHugz is convinced that there can never be too much love in anyone's life and we are driven by a desire to share love, via LuvHugz in a meaningful way.


So, try one for yourself or send someone YOU luv a hug today!


Love always,


#Team LuvHugz